The Hidden Village Festival: The Newest Underground Music Festival

The Hidden Village Festival is just held its first event at the Plough in Peterborough. The

A Friendly Reminder for Archeology Amateurs

Since it was specified that the presence of Celtic burial chambers has been emphasized in numerous

The Origin of the Village’s Name

By far, one of the most striking aspects that characterizes the Hidden Village is its unusual

Information for the Prospecting Tourists

In this dedicated page, those who wish to visit the village and are interested in arriving

Guided Tours and Accommodation Possibilities

As it was stated in the previous pages of the website of Hidden Village, people can

A Traditional Environment for Everyone

The village has in its possession what is considered to be all the necessary elements required

Take Part into the Local Activities

Those who are passionate about authentic habits and traditional rural techniques and occupation will be able

Other Counties and Villages Nearby

Although the Hidden Village is rather isolated from the neighboring communities and other settlements, the prospecting

What To Know About the Hidden Village

When it comes to the traditional tourism and countryside destinations for one’s vacation and free time,