A Friendly Reminder for Archeology Amateurs

Since it was specified that the presence of Celtic burial chambers has been emphasized in numerous occasions by various archeologists who have performed studies in the area where the Hidden Village resides, those who are passionate about archeology and the study of ancient history, will also be able to visit the burial grounds themselves and even be able to practice basic archeology techniques wet-screening1-580x435under the supervision of trained specialists which are working at the park administration.

The same as with the local craftsmanship program, those who wish to engage into archeological activities at the Hidden Village, will have to contact the national park administration and state their intentions with regard to the archeological course program. They will then be assigned with a specialist, which will ensure, over the course of 7 days, that they first receive theoretical training in the basics of Celtic archeology and that then they are taken on the field, in order to be able to see firsthand how the archeologists work and what special techniques they use for the Celtic tombstones.

The course involves 7 different modules, for each different day of the week, offering a good mixture of theoretical and practical notions that characterize the Celtic archeology and the techniques used in the region. Those who enroll in the course must be aware that it will be no easy task and that it will require their full range of attention. However, the park staff doesn’t wish to turn the course into an undesirable experience and therefore they will always try to maintain a relaxed and fun experience for the participants.

A certificate of completion is also offered for those who finish the entire 7-day course, therefore enabling those who have also participated at the craftsmanship course, to accumulate two certificates when visiting the Hidden Village.