A Traditional Environment for Everyone

The village has in its possession what is considered to be all the necessary elements required when the desired result is a traditional countryside landscape. Since its favored geographical location, the Hidden Village features a unique blend between great natural habitats and the traditional village elements such as the coshirakawa_gouttages, stables, pubs and orchards that make most of the village’s main area.

When arriving at the Hidden Village, one can check in one of the multiple cottages, leave its bags on the trusty hands of the housekeepers and spend a wonderful evening in the pubs that serve traditional beer and pheasant dishes. Almost all the elements that characterize the village and make up its uniqueness, have all been restored or maintained over the course of time, in order to offer a truly authentic experience to those who come by.

Starting off with the fences and pebble covered roads that run across the village, all the houses and pubs feature traditional motifs and architectural elements that remind of the rural heritage that makes the Hidden Village a unique place. Lively, vivid colors, which remind one of the colors that are found in the nearby hills and forests when autumn arrives, are used across the buildings and monuments, which together make up for a truly beautiful display of cultural and traditional evolution.

Since the village has remained to this day still isolated when it comes to its inhabitants reaching the other settlements, the occupations and habits that are still preserved for centuries are all carried out using traditional, authentic tools and techniques. For instance, all the cottage rooftops are still made using the same, traditional long grass beating techniques, which proved to be a viable solution against the harsh weather present here during the spring and winter time, when all elements change.