Guided Tours and Accommodation Possibilities

As it was stated in the previous pages of the website of Hidden Village, people can choose to visit the village and the surrounding areas by themselves or they can call upon the services of a specialized guide, which can be requested from thdownload-4e park administration cottage, present in the center of the village.

This page also features valuable information concerning the possibilities for arranging a guided tour in the village and those who wish to obtain the services of a specialized guide have two options. They can either use the contact information provided on this page – namely a specialized form and telephone numbers or come in person at the park administration building, which is located in the center of the Hidden Village.

Regardless of their choice, the park staff will ensure that everyone will receive proper guidance when it comes to acquiring the services of a specialized guide and that the process is carried out as swiftly as possible, in order to ensure that there are no lags.

If one chooses the website contact method, he or she must fill in the dedicated form, which will enable them to specify the preferred tour destinations, the duration of the tour, the main attractions that need to be part of the tour and the age and number of persons that are participating at the guided tour. Once all the details have been provided, the form can be submitted and those who have requested it can await for an assigned guide to contact them.

On the other hand, if the people who wish to engage into a guided tour are coming in person at the park administration building in the village, they can speak directly with a park ranger, which can assign a guide momentarily and therefore save people from unnecessary paperwork.