Other Counties and Villages Nearby

Although the Hidden Village is rather isolated from the neighboring communities and other settlements, the prospecting tourist who wishes to arrive here must know that there are multiple possibilities for exploring the neighboring areas and earning even more knowledge when it comes to the local cultural and traditional heritage. With numerous burial sites that have been preserved over the course of time and served as the areas where the settlements were established, the neighboring villages and counties all have a special envirosancha-hidden-village-15nment, which could be of great interest to those passionate about historical grounds or even for the average tourist who wishes to spend a few days in a picturesque environment.

Surrounding the Hidden Village are five more villages, all located at approximately over 100 kilometers from the village center. The possibilities for reaching them are multiple and one can either use the well developed railway network, which features special tourist trains, with direct links for all of the villages or the well established bus network, which also has a separate division that addresses the requirements of those who are visiting the northern highlands.

Each village features its own burial monument, which were all discovered in the late 1900s’, when the archaeologists who were scouring that area have made a breakthrough in the Celtic history. Since each tombstone is unique, it is highly recommended to those that visit the Hidden Village, to take some days off and visit each of the five neighboring villages, as they will not be disappointed. All the villages can be seen in a single day and those who wish to see the burial grounds can either use a guide in their small adventure or go by themselves, as each of the five villages features a state of the art tourist information center, which can be of real help in such situations.