Take Part into the Local Activities

Those who are passionate about authentic habits and traditional rural techniques and occupation will be able to quench their thirst for such activities if they choose to visit the Hidden Village. Thanks to a great partnership with the local authorities and the park administration staff, the tourists who choosedownload-3 to stay in the village are able to actively take part into the daily routine of the villagers, offering a helping hand in various traditional activities and at the same time being able to learn some valuable information.

One will be able to register to a special program, which involves tourists and any passersby into the local activities that have brought the village its specificity. For instance, people will be able to assist the locals in constructing terracotta ovens, long grass rooftops or even the traditional longbows.

No prior experience is required and all the process is supervised by a park employee who is there to ensure that everyone manages to have a constructive and fun time when learning the crafts from the locals, while at the same time still maintain a safety margin, since most techniques will entail the use of specialized tools that necessitate years of experience.

The Hidden Village community hopes to attract as many tourists as possible into experiencing what the local inhabitants are doing when applying the traditional techniques that are well known for being unique to the Hidden Village. The whole program is held over the course of an entire week, each day having a different activity and specific craftsmanship skill offered each day. Although this represents a condensed course, which doesn’t wish to be a thorough training by all means, the course will be a wonderful experience for all those who attend it.

Even more, all those who complete the 7-day training program, will have their participation acknowledged and will receive a certificate of completion for the traditional craftsmanship course.