In the following pages, people will be able to enjoy a series of articles that are meant at presenting the wonderful Hidden Village, its characteristics, surrounding environment and all the elements that make it such a popular tourist attraction every year.

One will be able to browse through a set of well structured data about the village, its specific characteristics, information about tourist possibilities, as well as a short dwell in the village’s past and name origin.

Other aspects will also be covered, such as the features that make the area where the village is located such a renowned traditional environment or the possibilities that people have with regard to taking part in the local, traditional activities.

For those of you traveling is the main interest, the surrounding landscape and neighbouring counties and villages will also be presented, enabling them to form a good opinion about the visiting possibilities and the local attractions. Furthermore, information about the chance to arrange for guided tours or renting vehicles for easier commuting will also be presented, in order to complete the tourist information summary.

One other important aspect that the Hidden Village is well known for is its multiple archeological sites, which can serve as a good training ground for both professionals as well as amateur archeologists and enthusiasts.

Therefore, the Hidden Village community encourages everyone to have a look on the website, learn more about the village and what it has to offer and why not, come by for spending some quality time.