The Hidden Village Festival: The Newest Underground Music Festival

The Hidden Village Festival is just held its first event at the Plough in Peterborough. The event, easily earned the title as one of UK’s most diverse music festival through the incorporation of just about all facets of the dance music sector. From electro to ragga, drum and bass to dub; each event visitor had a favourite to dance to. Some of the acts at the festival included DJ Fly, Artful dodger, MC Neat, Rogue, among others. The three day event, with camping included, featured over 200 artists on five stages. The event’s concept is based on European festivals with massive stages, special effects and vibrant details.

shutterstock_184911035Missed the Event? Come Strut Your Stuff

If you missed this event or even attended and looking for something similar to keep you busy until next year, has something to offer you. Held at the Egg Café in Liverpool, Come Strut Your Stuff is a special evening of poetry and live acoustic music that you can enjoy or even participate in, in preparation for the second edition of the Hidden Village Festival. It is time you embrace your inner artistic self. If you are visiting, make sure you set aside a few days to explore all what the city of Liverpool has to offer you.

The Legend Behind The Hidden Village Festival

Legend has it that the festival was first held by a group of free-spirited artists that set up tent on the island at the turn of the millennia. The artists were seeking for a place away from the busy city scene and party locations that allowed them to express their radical expressions in a free manner, while embracing the use of colour and frivolity. In the night, these brave artists freely danced around campfires and discussed ideas of a livelier world. The details of this initial party have remained a mystery, until one of the participants spoke of it, turning a seemingly sleepy hamlet to the capital of dance music.