The Origin of the Village’s Name

By far, one of the most striking aspects that characterizes the Hidden Village is its unusual name, which although might state the obvious, does not offer people an insight into its origin and various implications.

Indeed, the village can be c640px-village_of_englisberg_south-eastern_view_towards_the_gantrischharacterized as “hidden”, both geographically and culturally, and those who will come to visit it will quickly understand why it can be seen as hidden from both of these aspects. Since it is located between several hills that at their center form a sort of depression, the village has always been secluded from the surrounding landscape and the other areas and to add to this the forests that have around it over the centuries also ensured that its location remained shrouded in mystery.

On the other hand, from a cultural stand point, the Hidden Village has received critical acclaim and the opinions of the scientists and archeologists are divided and somewhat contradictory. Since its location is quite distant from other settlements, and this was also the case in its past, the Hidden Village seems to have evolved differently, both in terms of actual rural development and in terms of its people and habits. It is this segregation that ensured the fact that its inhabitants and early settlers have lived their lives in a rather secluded manner, having little or no connection to the neighboring areas.

The separate evolutionary theory, is as stated above, seen with critical opinions and not everyone embraces it, but what is certain is the fact that the traditional and cultural heritage that one will find when visiting the village will impress as being completely different form the ones found in the surrounding areas and the whole northern part of the country.

Another aspect which might make its name quite relevant is the fact that its current environment and the atmosphere that one experiences when visiting it, all induce a rather mysterious air, hence the “hidden” part of the name.